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Reserved, private, contemplative, prefers not to be the center of attention
Focused on reality, prefers concrete facts and details, describes things literally
Decides logically and impersonally, values justice and fairness, reasonable, level-headed
Respects rules and deadlines, settles matters, prefers detailed instructions, plans ahead
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Talkative, outgoing, thinks out loud, likes being the center of attention
Imagines possibilities, sees big picture, enjoys ideas, describes things figuratively
Makes decisions based on values and effects on others, values harmony and forgiveness
Leaves options open, rules and times are flexible, improvises, likes surprises

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List of All Gift Animals
Image of a Spanda, INTP personality

Smart and insatiably curious, a Spanda loves reading and learning. An evening with a book is just perfect. A Spanda is happy keeping itself company. Spandas love finding flaws in arguments and say exactly what they mean, no more no less.

Image of a Octaphant, ESFP personality

From new styles of music to new styles of clothing, an Octaphant wants to explore it all. Octaphants immerse themselves in life and all its wonders with complete enthusiasm. They follow their impulses, effortlessly changing direction without a care in the world. Affectionate and attentive, an Octaphant goes out of its way to be a good companion.

Image of a Goadgeon, ISTJ personality

Goadgeons won't rest until they've completed what they promised. 100% genuine and straightforward, Goadgeons can always be trusted to say what they mean. They have a knack for understanding how parts make a whole and for getting to the essence of things. A Goadgen likes time to itself to read and daydream.

Image of a Zeal, ISFP personality

A Zeal has a strong instinct to feed, protect, and encourage. Zeals are gentle and adore pets and children. Big-hearted and benevolent, Zeals have a hard time passing up opportunities to help. They easily sense when someone's not being authentic.

Image of a Powl, INFP personality

Powls have fast and precise recognition of other people's feelings, making them great listeners. Alert and insightful, a Powl is usually quick to understand situations or ideas. A Powl is always aiming for the best possible outcome to any situation. Powls frequently surprise with the things they come up with.

Image of a Rootle, INTJ personality

Ingenious to a fault, Rootles are original and creative thinkers. They don't do things just to follow the crowd, they need to feel committed on their own. Rootles are great at telling good from bad reasoning, and they love to create and fine-tune game plans.

Image of a Snonkey, ESFJ personality

A Snonkey is amiable and full of goodwill. It may be hard to find time in their busy schedules, because they thrive on social interaction and have a ton of friends. You can depend on a Snonkey to achieve what is promised and to be accurate and honest.

Image of a Porse, INFJ personality

A Porse believes in perfection, and always has an ideal outcome in mind. Thorough, careful Porse follows its inner feeling for what's right. Porses have the capacity for quick intuitive insight into the true nature of things. A Porse will sort and organize things just for fun.

Image of a Guinerous, ISFJ personality

Approachable and good-natured, a Guinerous likes to treat people well and demonstrates kind awareness of other people's situation and feelings. Dependable Guinerous holds itself accountable for its actions and tries do to things correctly and on time.

Image of a Chimpion, ESTJ personality

Open and warm, Chimpions are always on the lookout for someone to hook into a conversation. Methodical Chimpion loves order and thrives on rules, standards, and rankings. They like to break things down into parts and really understand them. A Chimpion strives to achieve results without waste.

Image of a Oster, ENFP personality

An enthusiastic Oster on your group project will quickly get everyone else excited, and Osters will amaze you with the things they come up with. Osters live in the moment, constantly taking new directions and trying new things. Osters don't get stuck thinking about what might have been. Instead they expect the best and it always pulls them through.

Image of a Huahuarex, ENTJ personality

Warm and sociable, a Huahuarex is eager to make new friends. Huahuarexes are cunning strategists, always finding ways to make what is into what should be. Adept at making difficult decisions, a Huahuarex will use cold logic when necessary. Huahuarexes excel at accomplishing goals with minimum wasted time and effort.

Image of a Shopper, ISTP personality

This ambitious dynamo knows how to make it happen. A Shopper can break anything down into parts, seeing how they work and when they don't. Shoppers live in the moment, effortlessly changing directions and trying new things.

Image of a Caroo, ENFJ personality

A Caroo is always concerned for the well-being of close ones and is a true cheerleader, excited for progress and growth. Caroos cherish the pursuit of noble goals. They love to arrange things, and will do it just to fill the time.

Image of a Giroc, ENTP personality

A Giroc's infectious energy is welcome in any group. Girocs are leading edge and perhaps a bit odd. A Giroc is always on the lookout for a way to come out ahead. Ambitious Giroc will plan the most direct route to the top, and before you know it, they've made it.

Image of a Squim, ESTP personality

A Squim loves social interaction and thrives on making new friends. Squims prefer to be up and about, moving around and accomplishing things. They also like to ask questions and poke their nose in things. Sensible Squim will carefully determine whether something is worth the effort, and if so then watch out!

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